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Hand painted Ceramic Tile Wren 12X12 size


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Wind Chime Blue wine bottle Butterfly Motif


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Personalized Ceramic Mug


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Whirligig, Wind Spinner Handcrafted Donald the Duck


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Hand-crafted Whirligig Titans Emblem red white blue


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Wine bottle Wind Chime.


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Something Pretty

My life is filled with the joy of knowing- when I arise in the morning, I will be doing creative things I love. I feel God gave me a gift and I intend to use it as long as I am able. I feel so blessed. I do crafts for the extra money it affords me but if I didn't make a penny I would still do it. It's that big a part of my life.
I do all kinds of artistic things. I work in wood and clay mostly but also paint with all other mediums. I will paint on anything that doesn't move.
I'm most proud of the Ceramic Buttons. I started crafting them in 1989. They are over 20 years old now. That makes them antiques. They are 100% handcrafted from the concept of the patterns, to the finished product.
NOTE: I will only be listing Whirligigs on this site but if you want to see my other selling sites email me at: (bettywatkins@bellsouth.net) and I will send you the links.
This link will take you to all my selling sites:


I sell all kinds of hand crafted items in these shops-
*Tile paintings,
*Ceramic Buttons (over 500 patterns available),
*Window & Tree Charms,
*Hand crafted Artisan Jewelry,
*Personalized Ceramic Mugs (over 150 designs)
*Tree Swings,
*Ceramic Sewing Machine Pins,
*Wind Chimes,
*Bird houses,
*Sewing Machine Peg Boards.
Everything in my shops are created and hand-crafted by me.
Nothing commercially made will ever be listed at Something Pretty.
Lots of things to see. Please take a look.